Pink Lemonade Lip Scrub

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Use our delicious sugar lip scrubs for smooth baby soft lips. Our scrubs help exfoliate dry skin, replenish moisture, and leave your lips smooth. The best part is they’re 100% edible, so you can lick or wipe off the excess sugar with a warm cloth when done.

Customer Reviews

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amazing!! 😍

the heat had my lips chapped ngl, so i decided to use the scrub and it felt sooo good on my lips. i just kept scrubbing because the exfoliation felt so good lol and it tastes even better! it really was unintentional tasting it, but it took me my surprise of how it good it was. my lips felt so soft and revitalized afterwards. i’ll definitely be utilizing it more.

Jamila Pope

I love how the lip scrub is easy to apply! A little goes a long way. It gently exfoliate my lips while leaving them feeling softer.  Did I mention how yummy it SMELL and TASTE! Awesome buy! I would definitely purchase again!

Jaquan Nelson
Great Product!

I used this for my lips because they were turning another color. I used this lip scrub and they have came back to their normal color. 10/10 recommended.

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