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Who is Kayla B?

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur from a very young age. However, when you come from a low-income neighborhood full of crime, drugs, and violence in one of the most dangerous cities in America, all odds are stacked against you. Nevertheless, I was not going to let my environment break me, and I knew I had to write my own story. I needed to show people that they don't have to become another statistic and can implement positivity within their life.

I've always had a passion and fascination for the beauty industry. Like many people, I enjoy getting dolled up, looking good, and feeling confident. However, traditional makeup formulations irritated my skin which impacted my confidence. In addition, the sensitive skin-friendly brands on the market were not glamorous and didn't quite pique my interest. I knew there had to be a better approach to addressing women with sensitive skin in the beauty industry.

For as long as I can remember, I talked about having my own makeup brand one day. Now was the time to put those words into action! Thus in 2019, Kayla B Beauty was born. It took a lot of late nights in my dorm room, along with trial and error, but I finally made a product I knew people would love. By abandoning traditional allergens in most makeup products and replacing them with nourishing ingredients, I created five vibrant lip products that catered to my needs. Starting in my college dorm room, I sold out of my inventory before officially launching. From there, I knew I had created something special that that market needed. Our mission is to eliminate the biased belief that women have to choose between clinical safeness and glamour. The support and feedback from our audience and customer base has been overwhelming. It has been an incredible journey and taught me so much. Thank you for supporting my business and helping me live my dream!

Yours Truly,
Kayla B 💖
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